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Russian escorts escort lesson

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Russia is the biggest nation in the world in size, with great history and local people who learned to live even under hard circumstances as well. Moscow escorts who are working in the capital, however are in the centre of the country. The capital city is full of rich people, possible clients, and Russians love women of course. There thousands of quality call girls in Moscow, as Russia is well known about it’s beautiful women. Many nice girls start to be an escort for a living when they are young, because the family is under hard financial circumstances. This is something we can see among escort girls in Eastern Europe and Asia as well. If you want to be one of the Moscow escorts, be prepared to have language barriers as many rich local business men use only Russian. I would say, most of Russian business men use only Russian as they do not operate in Western Countries.

Moscow escorts should know some facts

So first of all, if you are gonna be a top escort in Moscow here are some things that good to know about the country. As we mentioned, Russia is the biggest country worlwide, with about 140-150 million inhabitants. Borders are from Eastern Europe till Alaska. This impressive country has an even more impressive past, but of course I am not going into the details now. Let’s talk about the capital, this is the main interest for Moscow escorts as well. First of all the capital is huge and full of people, so you have to get used to it if you live there. Moscow has about 11.5 million people, like a smaller country and I can say, that the infrastructure wasn’t planned to have so many cars and other vehicles there. Air pollution is high in the inner city, it takes hours to travel by a taxi daytime, so I would prefer to use the metro, which is quite well made. Of course there are many things to visit when you are in Moscow, the most important is the red square which all Moscow escorts should visit if they travel there. If you had good works there, you can go to the most expensive department in the world for a shopping, which is called the GUM. If you are a smart call girl maybe you can ask your clients to bring your there as well, hehe.

Moscow escorts and agencies

If you are not a local escort girl in Moscow I would recommend to be careful, do not jump into something new without help. There are some good, trustful agencies that have girls already in Moscow and in other cities of Russia, so take a look around and make your own research. I would never ever go alone to a bigger city, without an agency in the background. First it’s hard to advertise for local men as you don’t know the language, second even if you can make your own ads it’s not sure that you will have enough clients to make a living. Russia is very expensive, so the best is to go there for city tours with a high quality agency, that has a solid client base. Hope I could give you some good tips my escorts, see you later!

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