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Amazing tour in Moscow erotic story

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One of the most amazing capitals in Europe is Moscow. Like you heard from the TV, read on the Internet or have heard from your friends who already visited this city or country, there are amazing girls, vodka is memorable, but it is a little bit cold.

I have to admit, my agency never worked before in Russia, I was the first escort girl who wanted to go there, but I was one of the most curious escorts from that agency, so I accepted the fact that probably I won’t have many clients there, because men didn’t know my agency that time.

I wanted to have fun with people from Russia, and I wanted to drink vodka, I asked one of my best friends to come with me, and I promised her we will have a lot of fun out there. She was working only in our hometown, so this was a challenge for her as well. So we bought our flight tickets, and we waited the big day to arrive in our luxury hotel. We earned a lot of money before as porn star escorts, so we were prepared for the fact that maybe this won’t be a good tour, just a little vacation.

On our first evening, when we arrived around 10 pm at our hotel, we were tired, but decided to go to party. We told to our agency that we cannot work. We dressed very sexy, in short black dresses, with stockings and black lingerie, we were prepared for a little after party too.

We went to the reception, where a very nice guy helped us to find a good club, so we asked for taxi and went there. We proposed to drink vodka, so we ordered some cocktails, and we were staring at nice guys, who obviously recognized us very fast too. After an hour they came to us, we were little bit drunk already, so we asked them to come with us and dance all night. Job done. We danced a lot, my girlfriend went out with the guy, and she made him a long blowjob, till he came in her mouth, but I was more refined.

I told to the guy about my job, about my career in porn industry, he was very happy. I told him I am proud because I am a successful actress, and I could see on him how much he wanted to fuck me, but I was a little bit bad with him.

We danced all night, he bought me cocktails and whatever I wanted, he wanted to end with me in his or my bed. But just because I am a little bitch, this doesn’t mean I am sleeping with everyone. In my personal life I am different. Job is job, personal life is personal life, there is a huge difference.

So when my girlfriend asked me to go home, the guy asked me if I want to have sex with him. Guess what, I gave him my agency’s number. Funny, right? And what happened next day…

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